Timeline editor for Zerror
Quick start guide
Update TouchDesigner to latest build
Minimum build require 2018.27300 https://www.derivative.ca/099/Downloads/
Download zTimeline.tox
Please, first of all download zTimeline.tox
Drop zTimeline.tox into your network
It's easy.
Open zTimeline's viewer
You must make the active viewer.
Drop your Zerror COMPs to the viewer.
New track shall appear for each Zerror
Drop sound file to the Viewer
Sound channels are at first container's output
Add preset keys with RMB click over track background
Change presets keys with RMB click over existed keys
Select keys with LMB/ctrl+LMB click over keys or LMB drag over track background
Or LMB drag over track background to select keys by time range
Drag white triangle to scale time for selected keys
CTRL+C/CTRL+V to copy/paste keys
Or ALT+Drag to copy and move
Mouse Scroll to scale visible time area
CTRL+Scroll to scroll tracks up/down, CTRL+ALT+Scroll to zoom in/out all UI items
Use LMB drag over top area to drag current time
Use RMB drag over top area to move visible time range
Main bar UIs:

- current time
- current frame
- go to start
- play/pause
- loop on/off
- follow time cursor
- sound on/off
- current FPS
- sound analizer switch (RMS/Spectrum)
- current sound file
- remove sound
- rebuild analizer
Time control:

- LMB drag - jump to time
- RMB drag to move visible time range
- Mouse Scroll to Zoom in/out time
- spacebar to play/pause (recommended to disable TD playback shortcuts)
- Define time ranges by dragging START/END marks
Preset keys control:

- LMB drag over background to select by range
- LMB drag over selected keys to move keys
- CTRL+LMB click to add/remove selection
- LMB drag over white triangle to scale time for selected keys
- RMB click to add/change preset
- CTRL+Scroll to scroll up/down
- CTRL+ALT+Scroll to zoom in/out the interface
Track context menu:

RMB click to open menu:
- showOp to navigate TD network to selected Zerror
- mute to disable/enable timeline control for selected Zerror
- delete to remove selected Zerror from zTimeline
zTimeline is free for Zerror Pro owners.
zTimeline Demo is free and fully functional except 'Play' button is inactive.
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